For When You’re In The Mood For Some Lyrical, Melodic Jazz, Bossa Nova, Soul and Gospel

…and now you can download a single from Frank’s first album, “Pure Imagination” for free!

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“What Took You So Long”
“Like a time machine to the 60s, 70’s & 80s”
“Frank is a brilliant player, and his tasteful arrangements really put him in the major league.” Paul Vidal,
“The arranging is just beautiful, and your tenor playing sounds just great. You get a nice sound, lots of sweetness and a nice soft attack with lots of tonal variation in the follow through.” David Pearl


Whether working as a saxophonist, composer, arranger or producer, Frank has had opportunities to explore many genres of music. His debut album reflects that experience and offers a variety of styles associated with tenor sax: Jazz, Bossa Nova, Soul and Gospel.

Frank’s endless curiosity regarding the art and science of recorded music has enabled him to provide this vehicle for his talents.  The ultimate DIY-er, this album is a one-man show, from its creation, to its performance, to its digital recording.

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