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For years, I worked behind the scenes for a variety of major recording artists in the fields of Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Pop, Soul and Country. I wrote my compositions and arrangements out of the public eye. With a deadline looming, I would often have to write through the night to make the downbeat of a recording session set for 10 o’clock the following morning. Although bleary-eyed, the experience was well worth it to hear what I wrote only hours earlier performed by the best musicians on the planet: the studio musicians of L.A., New York and London. If you are familiar with my name it’s only because you came across it in album credits or in very small print on a record label (I’m talking vinyl here).

Thank you for your interest in the history and current activities of Lute Records and for your interest in my artistic endeavors.  It is a privilege and a joy making music and having you listen to it!

As a follow-up to my first album, “Pure Imagination,” I offer you “Tuff Traxx,” a collection of synth-based Contemporary Dance Music, great for parties, playlists or simply getting your groove on!  You can preview “Tuff Traxx” HERE.

The liner notes accompanying this album are brief and to the point:

“1. Cuica Royale
2. Jerk Chicken
3. Summer Splash
4. Kalimba Rock
5. Slauson Strut
6. Nantucket Sleigh Ride
7. Muchos Mojitos
8. Noel.86
9. Post-Disco Funk
10. Here Boy
11. Righteous Reflections

All selections composed, arranged, performed, recorded and produced by Frank Kavelin
For best results, turn up the volume . . . and dance!”

Starting in March 2022, you will be able to download a track from “Tuff Traxx” FOR FREE. Thereafter, you can stream “Tuff Traxx” from all the major streaming services. To purchase a permanent download of the entire album, you can use your favorite platform or you can purchase it directly from the Lute Records website HERE.

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