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Big thanks to Paul Vidal! His marvelous music site has published the following review:

“And then, there’s a delightful collection of 9 instrumentals (8 being self-composed) by Frank Kavelin, called ‘Pure Imagination’, available from most streaming platforms. Frank is Al Kavelin’s son, the founder of the Lute label, and he might well be Lute’s new star ! As he puts it himself in his liner notes : ‘I’m a late bloomer. After a 40-year career behind the scenes as a composerand arranger, “Pure Imagination” is my first album as an artist’. Frank played all the instruments here, and did all the arranging, producing and mastering. His main instrument is the tenor saxophone. He had the priceless opportunity to work with giants like Jackie Kelso who helped him restore some of Roy Milton’s arrangements that Jackie had written while being part of his R&B band. Thus Frank was able to embrace a number of influences but, judging from the wonderfully varied cuts on offer, he has created his own sound and his arrangements are very sophisticated. All tracks are dedicated to some of his favorite artists (and often friends) : ‘Jobim Forever’ speaks for itself, ‘Infectious Funk’ is for Joe Sample, ‘Sannomiya Station’ is for Oliver Nelson,’Warm-up In C# Minor/Bop Doo-Wah’ is for Benny Golson and the grand finale, ‘Sunday Gospel Brunch’, is for Wayne Henderson. Technically speaking, Frank is a brilliant player, and his tasteful arrangements really put him in the major league. These are 21st century sounds but you will emerge satisfied, refreshed and aesthetically moved from your listening session. Bravo !”

Check out Paul’s site HERE.

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