Julius Graham: the man, the music, the laughs.  If you like Country Music and like to laugh and think at the same time, Julius is your man…

…and now you can download a single from Julius for free!

Listen to what others are saying about Julius Graham!

“Who the heck is Julius Graham?” – A heck of a lot of people
“Honey! I told you grits, not instant grits!” – Julius’ wife
“How much longer do you plan to throw money at this guy?” – Bernie Seidman, CPA, Lute Records


Julius takes a comedic look at such things as self-driving cars, denial about losing his prowess with age (sexual and otherwise), multiple pregnancies—seemingly without knowing the cause, annoying surveys for everything, etc. At times, Julius will give you a chance to reflect on issues of the day.  FrankKavelin.com will be releasing an EP of four of Julius’ songs. You will be able to download his music from this website as well as all the usual places.  For now, you can stream Julius and add him to your playlists using all the major streaming services. If this is your first time hearing his music, we hope you become a fan!

Julius has been taking it all in and writing songs for years for his own entertainment and that of his family.  It has only been in the last year or so that his music has been recorded for the enjoyment of his fans, old and new alike.

For a limited time, FrankKavelin.com would like to make a gift to you of one of Julius’ singles that shows off Julius’ ability to make  you laugh and think at the same time!

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